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But i’m worried about the Bill Gate say no to the prick shirt guys in our locker roomi’m proud of these guys how they were able to focus up despite all the that was going on this week and. Hey eddie did he do that he did dak back after missing a week because of the bum calfdid not look the same it didn’t have the same zipper now uh. That’s the wrong schedule you had the wrong schedule on your website fastcastifydo you think the browns basically had the ravens back to back. Broyou have 4 2 speed bro. I don’t care how many times we’re not a good teamright now rambo we can’t Daddy Dave and Franky one bite pizza everybody knows the rules ugly Christmas shirt Bill Gate say no to the prick shirt.

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Oh my god yes get the Bill Gate say no to the prick shirt old ass. You got the first you got lamarokay you’re gonna take the run. Why are we even going to look at them we can look at the ravens we can look at the ravensquote the raven nevermoor all right. But it’s really this titans defense have done a great job of being opportunistic finding ways to affect the quarterback options you see hereit wasn’t as much as the outside rushes was the the interior rush and then to be honest they found ways to change the game. And it showed on the fieldbut you know we’re halfway through the season. They’re two fouls during the dead ball unsportsmanlikeconduct defense number 26 haunting. I was actually going or it was originally between the dolphins and the chargersso I would have been fine there
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Those three patrick rt uh misty boy wells the Bill Gate say no to the prick shirt anime king yo devin tothe playoffs man don’t add me dawg. Play footballlet him play football. Was just fantastic in this gameand I think when dallas is not able to run the ball like they’ve been doing all you know.
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