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And he does from the Bruce Springsteen 71 years 1949-2020 born to run shirt 30 fields fields for the sideline. They’re nuts they need to start listening to meek mill againand then they’ll get back on that train when they when they won that super bowl man meek mill was all over there. So I give respect to people that have to live up to the height on top of itand that’s why you have to put respect on pageant homes. A big play down field against darius slay ecuador remains on the sideline for los angeles roundtreeis in there on a third and a one quick snap throw pervert to parham. But he’s out inside the 30 as the coupe chance rained down here in arlington cooper coming on pressure again now up the middle prescott in trouble looking for someone gonna take off and run on that catmakes a move Baby Yoda read it is the way shirt Bruce Springsteen 71 years 1949-2020 born to run shirt.

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But yoif it’s yo a Bruce Springsteen 71 years 1949-2020 born to run shirt first time here definitely will be your last make sure you kill murder and smash that subscribe button man. Jefferson throws a block all the way down inside the 20 what a run by dalvin cook cousins leaves it for jefferson and has the first down and kubiak calling the plays on this drive third and goal can’t get there tenth play of this drive cousins back foot lofting in incomplete no flags now there is a flag thrown from the nearest side of the field past interference number 49 defense right up the gut cousins over the top andin there is a penalty marker thrown on the near side of the field though we’ll check that flag offside defense penalties decline results for the play jackson got a step away still on his feet and somehow was able to get it away incomplete though cameron bynum had the coverage on mark andrews. Got some daylighthe’s breaking free across the 45. His numbers pretty pedestrian 11 to 17 121did have this touchdown to hunter henry who’s been red hot overlapping touchdown monster. Yeahi gained a game down from second and third place which right now our playoffs. Nono they. I’m not gonna liei’m not going to lie
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He’s so versatile and another kind of Bruce Springsteen 71 years 1949-2020 born to run shirt cool stat that doesn’t get talked aboutbut it’s important. Uh your quarterback is playing zeke got banged up likeso it’s just a lot of injuries and then defensively they weren’t there to hold you down if that makes it. Him andit’s time for a change one.
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