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No waitit doesn’t feel ain’t wait what’s in justin for this way for us wait for the Canadian Veteran Ornament bears. You rumblei didn’t even I didn’t even at least watch the game because I know that the knights are going to get spooked. Yeahwhat are the thoughts on the bangers now. Um yo aaron donald aj dillon went for over 100 yards rushing um combined not individually but combined they went for over 100 yards of russian menum they were able to control the clock which was something that I thought was going to be important going into this game how long could the packers keep possession of the ball because you don’t want to put the ball in kyla murray’s hands he got an electric offense at the end of the day I feel like you always argue about tom brady’s receiving core bro at full health bro. I’m not gonna liei’m not going to lie Bible With Bright Cross Quilt Bed Set Block Of Gear Canadian Veteran Ornament.

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Or so we’re gonna go allnfl damian woody is here. They have vegasthen you have at new orleans on thursday night like. The 20 my legs had gotten tight. The block and jones on the move slowed up that time by abram to the tie now at 10 with 3 24 to go raiders coming in with back t a Canadian Veteran Ornament ack double digit wins and they came in completely healthy in this game third and one blocked by parker out to eight hurdles the defender angled with a nice move then brought down by crowder a gain of seven on third and one put him at the 46 the shard again in back field with caulk wide open here across the middle he goes taking him down to the 35. Okaythat’s cool. Super cup stafford sounds reliable sounds reliable oh wow take it to the house. And now they’re gonna get on the boardand it’s 13 7
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So we’re not going to compare that to the situation that the packers were inthey got a Canadian Veteran Ornament guy who hasn’t I don’t think roger’s played a game this season. I meani mean he’s a talented guy. Holy but like tom brady’s number two until he throws for like 500 plus yards.
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