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Uh I thought I thought the win last week would kind of get us goingbut we we shot ourselves in the foot today and they got up to a Care Until Acure End Als 4 Lou Toronto Blue Jays shirt lead. Right right and not just so if you need to run out the clock to kill the game sure but time versus points likethat’s the. And you’re just flying and floating down your glider rightand it just sounds so scary when I hear about like paratrooper units and stuff like that the ones that will land really close to the lines. I’m gonna take responsibility for this loss because I got the scores completely the other way around uhwhat did I say I think I think it said 34 16. I call them stragglers they kept back because they didn’t want to be in the front of the boat because they knew they would dieso they stayed back and they stayed near me which is a bad thing because besides the machine guns on the beach it was machine gun in the hill and they were shooting down from there. And then when he and and then when you have the deep shot this happened both of the last two weekshe had tyree kill two weeks ago at monday night football Bring Back The Motha Fuckin’ Mean Twitteranti Now Shirt Care Until Acure End Als 4 Lou Toronto Blue Jays shirt.

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But what even though you can’t take revenge sort of outside the Care Until Acure End Als 4 Lou Toronto Blue Jays shirt rules of warfare is there sort of this desire to you know get themwe thought we’d. Oh this is scary brothis is seven in a row. All rightyour next witness. An idiot are mistranscribed no i’m sure again if I said it in that if you’re just reading one line one. And we goty’all covered for those that’s been asking for the merch it is on our patreon. Kind of I equate it to the father when you have the argument or the father says that’s it argument’s overi have the car I have the keys if you ever want to drive my car again
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You know follow the playso there’s a Care Until Acure End Als 4 Lou Toronto Blue Jays shirt chance you can recover those fumbles because they do happen. You guys are doing something different that you haven’t done in a long time that’s because I think everybody takes it one game at a time I don’t think anybody in this locker room is looking at the super bowli think we’d be foolish to do that we got a lot of tough games coming up. I was not prepared for that ah uh. I was literallyshe said that was uh they were just turning off the video. This this big kind of specter hanging over the whole schedule for everybody at least to me feels like wellwhere’s aaron rodgers going to be is he going to be in green bay if he’s not in green bay who do they trade him to. It was extremely conservative and then you know I do the two plus uh route uhthe I do the stat and you can find on my twitter uh or on our instagram of routes that have two plus two yards that are two routes that go 15 plus yards and rounds to have one or less and on the ones that had two or more daniel jones was averaging 16 yards per attempt. Officers this is going to be a conjoined effort but make no mistake about this since the mid 90s in instances like this you always pursue terrorism and you work backwards from that until you can disprove iti’m not suggesting we have any information.
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