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Did they even make the Cat Black Cat Lover Quilt playoffs like they made the playoffslast year they actually went. Hey see max not in in the game though he had 52 yards rushing 50 receivingi mean he was their top rusher and top receiver. A week ago he’s involved in some more and the players are on the field milling around talking about it now first down intent there’s the pressureand it’s roquan smith with the sack roethlisberger throwing deontay johnson. These are huge early wins for this denver defense fourth and two prescott over the middle incompletedon’t know if that got tipped to the line you see vic fangio with a big. I saw you on the sideline going this to your teammates that this is on mei’m going to take care of business here Some People Call Me Trucker Daddy Husband shirt Cat Black Cat Lover Quilt.

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Noit wasn’t that was good actually like one to ten. All rightlet’s do patriots a Cat Black Cat Lover Quilt rst. Won them that game stafford lost their hamster against the team that two picks a pick six right against the team that is a hundred percent selling out to winoh you didn’t call anything tj. They’re playing really goodright now they they showed that the tried and true uh the tried and true uh formula for beating tom brady. That’s a great play by chelsea yo ajgreen aj green turns around. And he’s got itoh what a catch. I think it’s mike wallace ravens are up by seven but here comes cuz third andthree cuts to cj ham how many fullbacks are making that catch then have the wherewithal to get up and run go get it big fella under two to go
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And then later in the Cat Black Cat Lover Quilt fourth now now this to randall cobb trying to make something happengreen bay is on the move they’re now into plus territory. I wish I didn’t take things personal when they told me I wasn’t startingand they didn’t quit football. I think that was their plan to spread it out evenly because you know they relied so heavily on derrick henrylike yeah.
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