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I’d never seen the rolling stones live because i’m not a Charlie Watts Rolling Stones RIP Charlie Drummer Shirt real big fan of going to see um going to arenas or uh giant places to gosee bands I always go to blues clubs. Right they have at some point they have a little bit of conflict of interesti mean they’re tuition driven. And they listen to opieand anthony’s stuff on youtube every single day. Um I probably write them every other month just to kind of check in uh usually when something’s going on or if I hear an episode of his podcasti. Um I always thought um one of the funny things that charlie watch was quoted as saying um there was a questionnaire that the rolling stones took part ofi can’t remember the name of the writer. Was jeff strum tech for a while and our special guests that joined us steve gad rick morata and vinnie calidaso thanks for tuning in to that. And he could adapti mean as we go through their career

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Is there uh li a Charlie Watts Rolling Stones RIP Charlie Drummer Shirt well thereyeah. It’s like yeahof course slowly. Um he’s uhhe’s a legend um here in new zealand. And then other bands started coughing the rolling stones later and becoming even not cocky but kind of following the same road that they were on that they kind of broke the broke the ground to pave orwhatever so um yeah. I think he asked like the the maid there or somethingdo they want that’s awful. But there’s also uh stones in exile which is really really coolthat’s available on apple tv. He played all these chicago drum beats but when you listen to them on records they’re easily understood and could be just because of his style too a very unique like his drum kit super basicand you’re learning to play drums
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He actually fell fell onto a Charlie Watts Rolling Stones RIP Charlie Drummer Shirt silver platter of smoked salmon that was sitting on the table and I think in the book that is funnyum I landed in the smoke salmon. I’m gonna text himwhere is he. He’s on the last 10 or 12 minutes of the podcastand I like it a lot. We got hoss in the chatsimon hossfeld horseford sorry um who else have we missed uh stephen. And uh I was likewow why is he doing that because I just played non stop on the hi hat. Are saying this and thatand i’d rather just go to the source. We’re fortunate to have uh dangerfield in studio at the end of his lifeuh stinky famously would bring him into the stairwell at wnew he would bring celebrities into the stairwell that liked uh to smoke and uh dangerfield got high in the stairwell with stinky and they used to sign.
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Said on record quite a Charlie Watts Rolling Stones RIP Charlie Drummer Shirt few times terribleso the band is really. Umyeah. It’s easier to play along withit’s easier to absorb andCharlie Watts Rolling Stones RIP Charlie Drummer Shirt 1

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