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You know guys just want to focus on what’s really important not the outside distractions guys want to focus on the game and for the cleveland browns toyou know take this obj stuff and just put it to put it in the trash bin and focus on a Christmas Tree Dallas Cowboy Shirt divisional opponent in the cincinnati bengals. I thought chargers were gonna losei’m not gonna lie. He did anything he wanted to andtheir running backs did too as ran over for that stepped in the face and took the manhood. It’s a fact they winyeah. Oh Fear The Deer Bobby Portis Milwaukee Bucks NBA Finals shirt Christmas Tree Dallas Cowboy Shirt.

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Where’s the Christmas Tree Dallas Cowboy Shirt spotit’s enough first down gainwell in the backfield under seven minutes to go. There’s never a doubt justin tucker man that’s what he does you want to give him a chip shot it’s over thisis the third game this season the third game this season that the vikings have either won or lost on the final kick. I’m not sureexactly what game we’ll do next week but patrick mahomes is playing lamar jackson next week. Right running passing today as tim said the 41 and the 21 here’s kind of the fun thing that happened to the nfl today everybody started getting on board with this game this actually turned out to be the biggest update of the season. This is the nfl fan version of choose your fighterand I can tell you right now. I thought I was going to be the response you told me I never was you see baker mayfieldyeah. Was just kind of overshadowing itbut he’s throwing a lot of pictures here
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Is aj green not an Christmas Tree Dallas Cowboy Shirt elite water scenehe’s uh now. We’ll have that mahomes of course with the opposition when he takes the mic after the game we’ll hear from him as well dak is back as welland i’m sure if you were watching us earlier or watching the game. But I think i’m most concerned with the dallas cowboys uh if you look at their record or their schedule going down the road we’re in november where football is really played nowright there’s.
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