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I agree with damian on this you knowi think s the Cincinnati Bengals Joehio Shirt mes you know it’s easy to be like. All rightso once again just to dig in on this the largest upset win in jacksonville history again the number more than two touchdowns again by the fpi percentage wise. Take it to the house crazy brothat’s such. Yeahi think so patrick. Especially the moral run of the football rolling away from the pressure across his body what a grab by rashad batemanthese are the situations that baltimore struggled in the past game third and long jackson had that one deflected perhaps a wobbly pass incomplete and dj won him in the backfield AFC Champions Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Lv 2021 shirt Cincinnati Bengals Joehio Shirt.

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I love this nfl stuff bill’s ball to five and three here’s the Cincinnati Bengals Joehio Shirt unhappy josh allen and credit to them. Yeahjoe burrow’s been turning over way too much in their mask easy easy dude don’t do that to your head then. And after that it’s like a massive dump offbut. Your third incomplete ravens force a puntso here comes lamar who had a hundred yard rushing day and also solid through the air hits marquis brown one of his nine snags for 117. I’m gonna see you tomorrow on wrongwell we still be jumping up and down. Why would we run the ball on thatwhy. This is an easy onedon’t worry
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This isi mean you talked about he you talking about a Cincinnati Bengals Joehio Shirt guy who needed a big win he needed to go on the road against against you. That’s what i’d really like to dobut all right. Great job man la is making a statement as soon as they seen that buccaneers one at homethey said they could do it this year too they gonna win that super bowl at home.
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