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Yeahreal talk. And I think that would be awesomeyou know the Claddagh Fund shirt mocks had the giants drafting him at 11. What does it feel like to put the game on your shoulders for a change man you knowum you felt good. It’s incompletethat’s interference offense two or six 10 yard penalty. You knowuh but again because when we talk about it we talk about cal contract you have to blame that on ja yo because that was all I only date conspiracy theorists shirt Claddagh Fund shirt.

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And I think it’s a Claddagh Fund shirt great point about spreading the ball around bakerdid a tremendous job of that today and they get the win next week. That play actually caught youhuh. This year I like the nominationsi like they’re coming off a buy. You know you got to take it both togetheryou know it’s not always going to be pieces of cream for a team like us. If you try to square up man you’re gonna have more problems than your ankle brother. Jimmy g is a prototypical pocket passingso therefore he’s going to step up in the pocket if you come around the edges. That’s literally me in middle school right here just rarely I promise you dude
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I’m not gonna lie they they up my way that running back is going crazysit down. It was cover twocomes down to play the flat great job great great execution by the titans defense but let’s remember a Claddagh Fund shirt s team the first six weeks that defense did not look good they were giving up a ton of points now they’ve started tightening things up. You know guys just want to focus on what’s really important not the outside distractions guys want to focus on the game and for the cleveland browns toyou know take this obj stuff and just put it to put it in the trash bin and focus on a divisional opponent in the cincinnati bengals.
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