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He’s got to run into him and break free over the Communism doesn’t know how shirt middle of the field first down in ten garoppolo high throw and climbing the ladderis brandon naiuk the ball popping out at the end. There wasn’t resolution toyou know the odell situation. A blockno money that’s how you blocked in high school. Let’s go lamarnice. Oh my god he got iti’m saying right now i’m getting sean jackson jersey One Direction I am a child of soulmates shirt Communism doesn’t know how shirt.

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We can’t keep say a Communism doesn’t know how shirt oh man. Johnsonyou know what i’m saying like you know. I just don’t these are top threei think they’re both top three teams. And here he’s got a pick of josh allenlook like the interception we just saw. And then they just in the first halfand they just stopped kurt cousin. Well you know it’s from a personal standpointhe’s a good friend of mine we still haven’t talked. This game was it’s like any time they wanted to get inside that holeyeah
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I mean they couldn’t get anywherebut yeah. We’re flying to kansas citywe’re definitely gonna go to that la rams game. Sucks home run ballis hauled in it’s target completion as we saw earlier this season and williams.
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