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Yeaha little bit except it was in the Covfefe Chan Fefe’s Bitch Shirt middle of the field. That’s crazy because jerry jerry jerry right nowhis best receiver his best receiver is out. Bro he literally rolls out in the pocket and throws towards the sideline that bro quarterback sneaks and those types of rollout plays are so cheap bro bro second and twenty oh no third and thirty nine shake it off third and three take offyou need to do that Donut Operator 8 Bit Donut Shirt Covfefe Chan Fefe’s Bitch Shirt.

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My god is that the Covfefe Chan Fefe’s Bitch Shirt sean jacksonoh my god put the burners with the burners 34 making it look like 24. Um very elusive um you know and the young guy who I feel like is gonna have a bright future in this nfl all rightthank you very much frank good one today. Your halloween weekend stay safe if you old enough drink responsibly if you outside wear a fly costume man yo party it up for your boysravens we only uh mess with lemur
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Yeahthat’s why I haven’t thought it was a Covfefe Chan Fefe’s Bitch Shirt block because that’s how he blocked in high school and what is that a sack. So i’m knowing that he’s gonna get officially released tomorrowhow are you feeling about it. And then you get the receiver up top running a deep routethe cardinals lose a challenge.
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