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He’s at the Dave Ahoy shirt bottom of the screen I really like him and what they’ve been doing with himwinston’s going to take another chance wide open is his man. Jarvis landry baby yodid you get it in. I don’t know mani’m just I was rooting heavy for the wow nick chubb doing nick chubb things 137 yards. Linger weak thing they lingeryeah. Over there a couple including mckinney josh jacobs just limped off the field craig is in first and 15 Bigfoot American Flag Let’s Go Brandon shirt Dave Ahoy shirt.

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No homes are packed bro like thatwas a Dave Ahoy shirt running back’s fault. Yeahokay. It’slike you feel me. There goes melvin gordon turning on the afterburners being chased and all the way to the house 70 yard touchdown ready go second down and three hudson still playing that right tackle. Has come to an end kind of an under the radar game but a really important game for both of these teams in a couple of different ways the raiders are thinking playoffs the giants are thinkingis this guy our quarterback first quarter. I talk about patching my hopeswhat would you just say it this is a better game bro without getting this is. This one just went finalthis is what we try to do for you here on sportscenter as soon as the games go final
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There’s rush four as timedirects traffic buys time for pat fryermuth for the Dave Ahoy shirt touchdown steelers. Pockets good fieldstry to check it down. Whatyeah.
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