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You shout out to um michael strangeand that’s my. But I would have thought that they would have kind of picke the Disney Bambi Twitterpated shirt where they left off in terms of just being on the same page with cd lamb and and some of the creative things that they’ve done in the passing game this seasonand it just wasn’t there. That’s okayyo Corbin Burnes 2021 NL Cy Young winner Poster shirt Disney Bambi Twitterpated shirt.

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So my prediction for the bears pick is justin fields and after goodell announces the pick i’m going to go over the giants trade andwhat picks they receive they got a Disney Bambi Twitterpated shirt future first rounder which is awesome. He was inactive for a good portion of last year’s gamesnever seems like a good sign if that’s the case you saw him. The football comes outand I think boswell recovered it recovered by pittsburgh first out
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And we’ll see where they spot him o the Disney Bambi Twitterpated shirt see alan robinson run up on his toes. So you want to give them some props herewell yeah. But oh my gosh here is goodell with the broncos picki’m really interested to see what the broncos do with this pick.
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