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What the Disney Malt Whiskey the happiest drink on earth shirt hecki’m pissed all right mini soda upset of the week bills and jags don’t i. What wasn’t our best performance by any means obviously our worst of the year and credit to those guysi mean it’s the nfl those guys get paid to do this and play at a high level. Just lean on the opponent right back to bell andle’veon bell. Yeahis it confirmed. So you know what cole mccoy is not badbut we were bad casey if you watch the game the defense could not do a thing to stop colt mccoy and the cardinals Fever 333 never made an America T-shirt Disney Malt Whiskey the happiest drink on earth shirt.

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That’stoday they got he has two a Disney Malt Whiskey the happiest drink on earth shirt nutes. I believe we will uh but that’s a veryyou know I think shot said at one time there’s a perception of jacksonville. It’s all good broare. It’s been tough although even in their you know super bowl year just never great last two games they’ve stiffened up a little bit but again consider the quality of the competition particularly today with what the packers had under center speaking of quality of competition all rightso the last time of course we saw the cardinals they were losing to the packers. The nfl on fox where pollard’s gonna take it out from his own end zone up to the 20 pollard’s still going up across the 35 at a spin pollard to midfield what a return to energize this crowd and a start for dallas cowboys fourth in the nfl on third down third and six here four man rush pressure over the middle caught by cooper who is going to be a little short of a first down and already we have a decision by mike mccarthy fourth and one elliott is stuffedoh the broncos justin simmons came up from the safety spot with a huge hit and denver. What were you saying to yourself what did you say to your teammates to get them back in the game in the second half not reallyyou know um just stay poised. You could tune in to the jaguars versus bills game and know that the jaguars have a chance to win thatyeah
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How’s you thoughhow do I know what a Disney Malt Whiskey the happiest drink on earth shirt s like miss cleo. I’m noti’m not. And he didn’t turn aroundbut that’s a rookie mistake on aj green though because in situations like that you got to know that there’s going to be a jump ball in the end zone.
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