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Wellso I thought this doesn’t really have anything to do with anything. Their terrific rookie receiver keeps the ball and is drilled behind the line of scrimmage hit on the play red well karl mass a Dope ass dad shirt which normally is the difficult down to convert but they’re dropping a safety in the middle of field richard was in the backfield and jay crowder was right there and the ball was dropped they ruined incompleteit’s fourth down after the punt and penalty. I wasn’t expecting them to do thisbut you know what i’m here for. Well you see von bell came down to guard running back this time switching it up on defense not going to lose that match up again in troublethere’s the first sack for the cincinnati defense already with more sacks since cincinnati came into existence well. That was pathetic that was pathetic alwayspathetic look Dope ass dad shirt.

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Anywaybut okay. The uh patriots don’t believe in pictures because they ruin lif the Dope ass dad shirt right again the thing is like I don’t know how good the patriots are gonna be this year like at all. I mean bucky 100i just got to put my little dig in here. He’s got long arms got a lot of traitsand he’s got a talent and potential. That game made this need a map I need a map right now because I don’t even know how to read mapsbut I could use one. And I literally said before the draft I didn’t want them to trade backokay. And then we’ll do rampsall right
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Fake puntit was a Dope ass dad shirt direct snap to the up man. Yesbut you gotta let an offensive coordinator call your place. Like I said it’s 803right now.
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