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Chew em upyo. Like you see something like yothat’s into that like if I a Dunkie Junkie Dunkin Donuts shirt gonna make a fan that didn’t like football watch football. And I said you know after looking at the board for a few minutes it looks like it would be a mistake if they didn’t take mac jonesand I still think trey lance is the future. That’s not even that goodit was that’s why I didn’t do. And he signs with a team that he is going to be the difference makeris that what you’re telling me yes you think he will be the difference maker in 2021 Christmas Golden Girls Dorothy Zbornak shady pines Ma shirt Dunkie Junkie Dunkin Donuts shirt.

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Why not four plays later with under 30 seconds left in overtime justin tucker his 17th career game winning field goal four of the Dunkie Junkie Dunkin Donuts shirt ravens six wins this yearthey have trailed in the fourth quarter and ouch vikings. Sidearm tossand it’s going to be short of the first down keenan allen. He’s swung around bearsonly have one timeout remaining and. I don’t know maybe these teams want to come out and try to perform and say hey we could still do this or is this one of those games again where it’s anybody can beat anybodyoh it definitely is like a flute game in my opinion like this is like. I didn’t even know that yeah in 2010 and and that’s one of the only things I know about court. So evan what kept you on the edge of your seats both of thembro bro. That’s my guyyou know
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You’re not vague you’re not fitoh you’re not 5 the Dunkie Junkie Dunkin Donuts shirt t’s go what we got fourth andone. You mentioned john dorsey dorsey took him with the fourth pick and that draft several years back and here is burrow on third and sixwatch out because there is troy hill with his second sack of the game.
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