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But I thought it was funny because odell said one of his he wanted to go to like competitors likeyou know playoff competitors super bowl competitors and one of the Emeka Emezie Record Breaker shirt teams on his list were the 49ers. And he definitely did iti. It hurts looking for blockersand he’s out of bounds. Oh was there an intel where the president was going down tom bradygot the ball back with a minute and 29 seconds and had to go score. And we’re going to dig into that we’ll hear from josh alleni should specify we’ll hear from the bill’s josh allen in a second and then tim josh allen is picked by joshua uh german I might look like I’m listening to you but in my head I’m thinking about getting more dogs shirt Emeka Emezie Record Breaker shirt.

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Ii got no comments about this game tonight and to be honest with. W of Emeka Emezie Record Breaker shirt ould they not do that yepbut when kareem hunt was in they kind of split why aren’t they doing that with him maybe because they don’t believe I don’t know that way. A flag comes in immediately deontay johnson pushing off something that’snumber 33 ball is placing the spot of the foul automatic first down on the chicago side of the field push it to harris and they’ll push the pile. Another interception is johnson this time johnson inside the 20and he’s tripped up at the last moment by riley reef at the seven yard line. Yeahyou think about that. I’m going to have a meeting with john lynch and kyle shanahani’m a custom out. Like I said julio jones matzah matai love julio jones
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Damian jones evan engram who the Emeka Emezie Record Breaker shirt fans went all over this seasonthe giants are up. But that’s about as good as i’ve seen a secondary play this season the way cleveland played against cincinnati today great stuffso the unsung hero for the browns that secondary after all the talk has been on players that are on offense and used to be on offense for cleveland all right. Butyeah.
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