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Your halloween weekend stay safe if you old enough drink responsibly if you outside wear a FJB Beanies fly costume man yo party it up for your boysravens we only uh mess with lemur. It’s a monster doghe’s a monster I wouldn’t mind my son playing football right there. All right in the early window damien said the early window the 1pm eastern games as we called them damien said this is one of the wackiest early windows he has seen in quite some timetim we have a fullback touchdown so good. Yeahyeah. So the falcons do select kyle pitts I don’t think this is really a surprise to anyone kyle pittsis just insanely talented a tight end who can really do it all I mean who is going to match up against kyle pitts and be able to stop him Dragon Ball Christmas tree shirt FJB Beanies.

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But that’s what i’m saying they lostyeah. Righti. I’m sure it’s outstanding or somethi the FJB Beanies wonder like how much 100 would win you if you the odds are plus 6600 or 660 sorryyeah. A little contact there to kind of throw not not allow trayvon diggs to go up and get the ball good protection love out to his right and this one up for grabs and somehow caught by randall cobb after a five yard loss look out balls out. So the playing style can be a is a little bit differentbut I feel like that’s a good comp in terms of the impact they can have on games and how they. He did touch ithe touched it. I think if the cowboys play the broncos ten timesyeah
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Hey eddie did he do that he did dak back after missing a FJB Beanies week because of the bum calfdid not look the same it didn’t have the same zipper now uh. No it’s true because I mean you think about it because if you biglike we take away the fourteenth court and then which the game is basically 21 24. Let’s do this packers versus cardinals thursday night football man everybody be safe with your halloweenoh me.
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