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I got my top quarterback and my top wide receiver out and it should be a Frko Sport Rat Shirt wrap for the ninersit was a wrap for the cardinals kittle fumble. Oh that defense is going to be there too time with a toursays let’s hope roger stay. What damian’s saying I don’t thinkand I agree with what he’s saying which is you need some type of balance Champs Kansas Jayhawks 2022 Shirt Frko Sport Rat Shirt.

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Shake it hurts on time a Frko Sport Rat Shirt rainbow to smith first down philadelphia 88 yards for the rookie devonta first down for philly a blast by boston scottbreaks a tackle and hit from behind for a first down. Yeahbut you know they don’t like and then under two minutes to go fourth and one. Downyeah
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He isb a Frko Sport Rat Shirt like there’s sometimes. That’s a good start offgame. Josh allen meetjosh allen.
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