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Oh y a Halloween Flag Beware Of The Dachshund you know. What a block by viennueva and there goes jackson for another first downit’s first and goal for baltimore jackson keeps sidearm sling dangerous passing traffic and marquis brown. Those clearly were uh the team’s favorite picks that’s why they ended up making them uh why don’t we go to uh our favorite picks as a matter of factwe call it best picks presented by microsoft teams uh and here we get a look at the draft selection square room at nfl headquarters in new york city where every club’s pick from today’s round was submitted via microsoft teams. I don’t even know what to say uh I literally don’t know what to do in the game titans had a good defensive game for one somehow I don’t get a dominant defensive performance they sacked him a decent amount of timesi don’t get it. Maybe I suck butthe vikings Whisper words of wisdom, Let it be shirt Halloween Flag Beware Of The Dachshund.

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And they got the vikingsokay jaguar’s easy rams tough 49ers tough brown’s tough texans they have a Halloween Flag Beware Of The Dachshund bye week. But it’s not it’s where he had to put it and play those alleysand that’s. That’s late to the flatyou can’t do that. So can I ask you a questionso did you get a chance to watch this thursday night game with my boy. But I know that he was also a 49erand I know that he was pretty good in washington. They had latavius murrayhe’s out. But it’s a lot of finger pointingit’s a lot of blaming like
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I love to see it because i’m going to the Halloween Flag Beware Of The Dachshund buffalobills falcon game later this year. We got beatwe got we got thumped and. The best right look down thereyou go.
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