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Nice second effort still goingi hate that he did this to my team. The colts guess w a Happiness Is Watching Gunsmoke Shirt the colts did dominated screw every single one of youmaybe i’m a little bit wrong on the titans. And it’s incompleteand they are bringing the heat with nate hobbs off the corner james. I’m coming tomorrow with more factsmore stats all of that eight nine four nine empire. What is the cooper cublike good cooper cup Buff frog body gym shirt Happiness Is Watching Gunsmoke Shirt.

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It’s amazingwe messed with him outside more than the Happiness Is Watching Gunsmoke Shirt kansas city chiefs nor did they run better that jew. This is pretty good drive on the football and picks it off and all of a suddenit’s like. Oh my godnah. I mean you put up 31 pointsi guess. Thank you jamesi wouldn’t have a job without. Again sir tell him to talk to him we have to limit them to a field goal at that pointwe’ll still be within a touchdown. I hate won’t even be tellingsee that’s why he’s winning bro when you have someone that dedicated that hard work and shout out to my boy
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Still a Happiness Is Watching Gunsmoke Shirt long time here still in the third quarter they will run it to gordon first down into dallas territorywell they’ve stepped up on the field. That’s what he calledwell. And just shy of the 30 that ball comes outthat’s houston carson into the end zone.
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