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And he said well I had a Harley Davidson Australia Crocodile Faded Shirt meeting today and they’re actually talking about bringing the show backand I thought I was being punked uh but. And they completely you know jump shipi. And then you look to the left and there is a bust of general hamilton when people would enter and look back and forth if jefferson was therehe would say yes there the two of us will gaze across at one in the other in opposition throughout death as we have been in life. I’m sorrybut I can see that you are happier now than you’ve ever been. It’s a madness here um time for the era of mnm psg um should be favorites of the champions leaguewhat are your thoughts on messi’s legacy if he delivers their first champions league that’s a great question. And they asked us if we wanted to take a trip we said absolutely we had no idea that they went to take LSDwe thought they meant go joyriding because that’s what we did when we took a trip we went to the beach. Like I said like heyou know when he gets injured he you can see the you can see the human element like the pain and when he’s um he.Harley Davidson Shirt Harley Davidson Australia Crocodile Faded Shirt

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I’d be like taking pictures of Harley Davidson Australia Crocodile Faded Shirt myselflike. I will never forget that I’ll never forget that and amazing to work with terrifying that scene we shot in the carwas so stressful you look scared. I got that from general patton he was our second best presidentanother question. Hey we’re gonna notice until the next Music Musicwhat it’s a door. The Wardrobeit’s an engine. And you know give a little bit of adventure but being really creative about you know how many people we can have in a scene you know how can you show things um while keeping people a little bit distant whenever we canso um you know it. Is it men being sexisti don’t know or is it just like gender differences and women trying to be nice and wait their turn and how does that play into who’s successful.
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I mean he’s a Harley Davidson Australia Crocodile Faded Shirt prime example at running backyou know what you know when you’re running a guy like chris evans between the tackles you’re just not doing what he’s best at doing get him out on the edge. Yeahi’m gonna be the interviewer for half a second for half a second. You know that time I took a look at Larrylays it who this is a. That was two days for mei was waiting. Yes she isshe’s pregnant. That there’s no question about that that the 2009 season umbut I always I think about you know this. I was like along with everyone else I was on the fieldso I didn’t mean to be rude.
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