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Yupyup all right. You h an I don’t run I reload shirt defense played an incredible game to keep you guys in it when they were when you guys were down what can you say about that dhow many were played outstanding. Yeahone and one’s Dirty mo media shirt I don’t run I reload shirt.

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I’ll uh on sunday with a I don’t run I reload shirt fire saying you do patriotsyeah. Some of y’all saying that it didn’t count uh the first one because it’s a receiver slip so respectfully only through one pit um the receiver brown dude has six catches for 113i want to say something what the happened whoa. Dr dre then lebron james was thereand you gotta definitely say draymond green in on mellow before you say kawhi and paul george disrespect
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So you want to give them some props herewell yeah. That’s why i’m likeyo come back. I literally can’t believe that just happened how did the giants let that happen that’s bullying th a I don’t run I reload shirt agles are really bullying me in 2021now the giants have to play against him twice a year every single year.
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