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Then he sneaks under but does not find itno the far side says on that last play just a I survived a salvy splash Kansas City shirt simple five yard stick. What is he talking about number 25 is a running backbrother. He played poorlyi mean I don’t think there’s really another way to to put it basically what happened in this football game. This is a great gameright here patrick rt enjoyed every moment of it man. A lot of noise they’re blocking on the screws chase found themoh there he goes he had him in a blender Original aaron Rodgers Touchdown Face Green Bay Packers Shirt I survived a salvy splash Kansas City shirt.

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Freeman can he outrun him to the I survived a salvy splash Kansas City shirt edge he can first down for baltimore unsportsmanlike conduct on the minnesota bench after the winner was out of bounds they tagged that against the bench of minnesota for unsportsmanlike and it moves baltimore to the 41 in viking territory nice catch by ricardo the fullback rumbling down all the way inside the 20 yard line 22 yards to get into the red zone goodkeep by jackson here. I think that’s like we talked about this earlier in the season wave for the nflso if they would. Linger weak thing they lingeryeah. That’s a common theme with a lot of the falcons picks because much like our second roundpick richie grant. Oh beautiful beautiful yo gary grayoh that’s. A better game patrick mahomes is electrifying no wayis this a better game. Um we should have let him switch youyou are the reason why we did let him do I said
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Cam hayward already leads the I survived a salvy splash Kansas City shirt nfl and batted down passes just trying to throw the ball underneath the ball ricochets right into the big some more great starting field position for the steelersharris 25 first carry for benny snell shotgun snap. Rams brono no you gotta say first off. Yeahno.
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