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I’m not talking about Jake Paul again it’s not happening great content thank you appreciate that I’m hoping to try and keep the the variety going like I have a I’m A Superhero Teacher Halloween Costume few videos that I still want to do one of them I’ve actually recorded. But noI totally agree I mean I think For Your Eyes Only the two things come to mind as you’re talking about that you know again for your eyes only I think again I don’t think some of the scene with him and meaning Colombo the scene prior to that whether there was a big shootout. Oh yeahwe felt the momentum and you know got a whole field of advantage throughout throughout the playoffs tonight we’re going to the Super Bowl and the eagles they definitely took it play by play grinded it out tonight what was it like inside watching them as they just played with ease the Eagles team right now is clicking on every aspect defense offense Jalen hurts is unbelievable right.

Soyeah. So he’s got one more for 17 around 17 million so I thin a I’m A Superhero Teacher Halloween Costume hat’s a I think that’s doable for any team that’s looking to add some shooting I think he would be a good Sixth Man coming off the bench you know his time in Orlando he was a playmaker score they allowed him to Rock andthe starting rotation. Joe you’re talking about the window to win all is your careeruh how do you.

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So you know there’s rumors of him on the I’m A Superhero Teacher Halloween Costume trading block either going to Milwaukee Dallas you know the next you’re trying to get Grayson Allen but as of right now the the thought process that will probably get surge George Hill second round pick and some salary filler for what it’s likeyeah. Okay I feel like a road environment everybody wants you to miss everybody’s assuming you’re gonna missso if you make it then it’s just you know it’s great. Oh that’s us that’s how we move head back right away just as quickly as winter park arrived as an unexpected opportunity it was goneno this is me.
No um what was I gonna say uh I think you can make it work though I mean they make it work with theI mean the I’m A Superhero Teacher Halloween Costume 60s radio not radio but the 60s recordings tape recordings of 60s episodes that are then reanimated I guess the difference is that they were already made for televised medium. So I just think you’ll leave it in you let the fans make the mistakes if you will and let the players if they want to have a makeup for it in the game like Russell Westbrook did a few years ago go ahead and do that shut them up in the game I think the All Star has always been somewhat of a popularity contest right that’s and you add in the media vote to kind of temper that down so you don’t have totally random people but a big part of it is who do people love and they love KD they love Jason Adam they love uh Giannis and I thought they don’t know them bead like thatoh yeah he’s not the same I don’t want him coming after me you guys. Jamie Gooch is a mother of three and the owner of Gooch Family Farms in Troy I love everything to do with house and home it Grieves me the thought of exposing our kids to Darkness goofy is based on which is harvesting children for blood sacrifices in a recent Facebook post I was a little bit scared when I hit post because I was afraid of the reaction that I would get Gooch advises moms against letting their kids watch Hocus Pocus 2 I believe whatever comes in our TV screens there are things attached to that I’ve seen for myself the things that I’ve watched with my eyes or heard over a TV screen they become manifested in real life everybody thinks it’s fake and innocent but they could be casting any type of spell that they want to anything could be coming through that TV screen into your home I think at the end of the day I want people to walk away with discernment if you you’re watching this just start thinking start thinking for yourself and even overthink and consider all the options of what you’re partaking in thanks for watching don’t forget to subscribe like and share First it was a Little Mermaid actually.

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