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James connor is about to be the starter because chase edmonds has a John Daly rip it and sip it shirt sprained ankle and he might be out a couple gamesoh wow not the city’s not already the starter split kind of. Eight yards I want to go back to something that you told has rushed for a 100 plus for the tenth time in his career tying an nfl record for a quarterback herehe goes again lamar jackson lunging he is going to be marked shy of the line. Let’s start with the atlanta falconsround one pick tied in out of florida kyle pitts first off. I was like there’s no point in watching thisit’s just they couldn’t do anything dude three picks. I see youit was dumb Los Angeles California 2020 Dodgers and Lakers Los Angeles City of Champions first time since 1988 shirt John Daly rip it and sip it shirt.

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There was another upset titans roundoh yeah. They’r a John Daly rip it and sip it shirt oth receiversthey both catch him. Here’s fields throwing on the run and snuck it into a tight window to cole comet called alan robinson from the 15 fields trying to set it up for montgomery needs a block and has some santos from 22 a touchdown for chicago as well here’s roethlisbergernow looks like they had. It was foreman or yeah 24 and peterson with 21 so they had 169 total yards but even receiving like none of the receivers broke a hundred even 50 like dude stafford lost him that game. So did you get a chance to watch this thursday night game with my boythomas edward patrick brady. No that never happens gronkowski dropped it that he’s not that good bro over by the most overrated player in nfl historybro. A hot throw williams couldn’t handle it for herbert moving pocket herbert throws to a spot he didn’t get in keenan allencomes up just short under five minutes to go in the opening quarter working against the nickel
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They weren’t there to keep the John Daly rip it and sip it shirt score tightso you could have probably pulled this one out. He’s not for it to the one one downit looked like he didn’t get it. I believe was out for um a lot of the games too a lot of the game too umbut my whole thing is you got to give it to aaron and the green bay packers.
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