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I know they gave up more than 30 last week in that win in indianapolisbut still they seem to be putting things together and if they can take care of business in the south and get henry back for a John Mayer Sob Rock shirt playoff run. Just it’s crazya lot of blame goes around. He’s running backs running who that winfrey man isthis is a man he’s getting it done with his second string stop playing with him. But if you push you create pressure up the middleand you saw it a lot today. Another one this lead real quick doubled up on these Texas A&M Aggies we beat Bama 41 38 shirt John Mayer Sob Rock shirt.

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Like if you don’t say he’s not one at this pointthen you just hate him. Just like lebron hadhis patrick moon has his this year look at baker though rob. We’ll see it the pesky new england patriots are coming up next a John Mayer Sob Rock shirt ek and as damian said in this week to week league you just never know what in the world you’re gonna get the one thing you can always expect to get is a lights out performance from miles garrett who after the game stopped by withour kimberly amor baker addressed the team before the game he did. Holds this time but it slips through the fingers of george kittle third and 10 at the 11 draw play to connor. It’s crazy because every time I watch football I always think like in another lifey’all would have been reacting to me real. Righti. What’s footballi’m playing you tom brady’s comeback against the atlanta focus of the super bowl that’s the most that is the crazy for you in sports
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He passed it47 times I don’t know how many times you ran the John Mayer Sob Rock shirt ball. Can they catch him from behindthey will not touch down new england. They weren’t looking like thatoh.
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