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But I mean it’s bothyeah. Richard is back there card 1 a John Mulaney from Scratch shirt 7 downfieldit goes with a catch by wally the tight end drilled on the play by mckinney held on picks up 19 and put him down to the 22. Oh I thought you met her as a penaltyno no no no. I can’t believe what their record is I can’t believe the ravens only have two lossesyeah. No derrick henry here not much offense from ryan tannehill in the crew butgood enough to get a double digit win In a world full of princess be a samurai shirt John Mulaney from Scratch shirt.

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Wasn’t even playing the majority of the game you know what was wrong with himum I think he had a John Mulaney from Scratch shirt hamstring injury. I mean that’s looking likeit could definitely happen that’s a good thing that’s true. Yeahbut you know they don’t like and then under two minutes to go fourth and one. Ravens cut the deficit to seven they actually trailed by 14 twice in this game great effort to rally in the fourth jackson devin duvernay beautiful touched by lamar better catch in the back of the end zone and just like that a 24 10 deficitwe’re all square at 24. Has some time now weatherly chasing him again gets it off salt fourth best in the league in that department coming in third and seven four man pressure prescott time going deep down the field for landjust missed him. Then kennedy gallaudet was 28 maybe because the run game was just working. Night fam here’s why i’m saying blaming one guy is ridiculous if I knew all you gotta do is take jimmy out of the equation and put trey inand we could win
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But I guess the feeling is that their center that that they drafted last year matt hennessey needs some competition and with the falcons being so broke that competition had to come through the draft dalman is a John Mulaney from Scratch shirt good prospect and I can appreciate that the falcons are putting a lot of emphasis on protecting matt ryanbut I just I wish they would have went with another position I was hoping they would have went running back here or or defensive end. And that’s why this division is so deepoh never had a chance as garrett beat his man so quickly. The tight end cousins stepping up lofting it past the sticksand it’s kj osborne with a first down from minnesota pressure off the edge cousins looking for his intended target.
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