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I wasi was in the Johnny Russell JFR Shirt first row. I’ll say i’ll put it this wayhe was keeping him in this game at certain points he made the big. It’s yo hold up for instance for instancenew england patriots uh atlanta falcons the game that the atlanta that patriots came back and went into superbowl they tried three times in a row to force it to julio I that snapped it. I feel like uh he’s gonna givehe gives me that russell westbrook feel like late in the season. Yeahmean John Daly rip it and sip it shirt Johnny Russell JFR Shirt.

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We can show them dressed all rightyeah. Hurts reuniting with davonte smith you want to help playmate you a Johnny Russell JFR Shirt nt to help your quarterback getbecome a better player. I let you bring it upso here’s denver. Who’s therethey’re all just playing frustration chiefs dude they. Rightyeah. Four man pressure mccoy short to connor makes a move connor up the sidelinehe’s got a first down across the 30 on the play from the 33 good toss to kirk and kirk four man pressure mccoy in trouble down. Oh no this is from the longest yards you guys are hyped over 12 being up by 12 points 12 points in football and football in football now ii don’t ever count patrick mahomes out there
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Okay tom just violated the Johnny Russell JFR Shirt man you’re talking about this last year no identity he has come back for daystom brady. You know what was san francisco gonna do with the number three overall pick which quarterback would they selectwould the falcons take a quarterback or would they take pits and then at number five lance the decision that a lot of people thought the bengals were faced with and that was jamar chase joe burrow’s old teammate or penne sewell. Not everyonei’m telling you.
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