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Great job man la is making a Joyeux Noel, Maman Mug statement as soon as they seen that buccaneers one at homethey said they could do it this year too they gonna win that super bowl at home. We didn’t we didn’t blank at allyou know. And we won’t even know probably rogers until next saturday that’s right. They look great for six yards like if he’s doing better than andersonwhat are you guys doing no. You must have something seriously on your mindwhat’s up Harry Potter ho ho ho Christmas shirt Joyeux Noel, Maman Mug.

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Tom baby could never they still down by fire over that old ass brady grandpa bradythat play act a Joyeux Noel, Maman Mug ly caught you. I mean that that is what happens take for examplethe kansas city game look mahomes did not have a great game. He’s moving a fieldhe’s at the 50. A little bit there’s a lot going on here on the screenbut the most important thing is when you have these prolonged drives that pick up yardage quick and both teams are able to do it particularly with the chargers second game this season with no punts for the chargers. That’s a first down for andrews to the 44 yard line and one of the two timeouts remaining for john harbaugh is used here or get out of bounds jacksonoh trying to run up the middle. But I mean I never got goingi missed some throws. We had a lot of health problems though toooh
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I’m going for the Joyeux Noel, Maman Mug cardinalsyeah. No theythey can get blown out next week. I don’t know what’s going on nowbut yeah.
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