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Rightbut like I said three people like three people who all had to handle not e a Lord Huron not dead yet shirt like three people that was like. They couldn’t believe it like obviously koreawell they they signed kareem on to a decent contract even with nick chubb there. They are very sticky as we like to say in the business on to the fourth denver’s up 19 0 looking to add moreit’s bridgewater who threw for 249 going up and over or underneath and through that he’s in there good job by teddy b randy gregory not pleased at all and then dak looking for cd later on fourth and seven but. I gotta say sunday night football that that’s that that’s solidthat’s. That was a great game plannah Patriotic Doormat In This House We Salute Our Flag Lord Huron not dead yet shirt.

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Because that’s as tough as at the Lord Huron not dead yet shirt ramslast year they added to this mix second and five setting up to the tight end to sample bootleg time for burrow. Is the legend go andeverything but. So teams one through if my math is right one through 12 are separated by just three games that’s insaneit’s tight and look at the colts at the bottom that is really really interesting all right time right now for our fedex air and ground nominees of the week through the air herbert. Oh frickyeah. It was on thursdaybut um whatever I think I think the game on thursday was better because both quarterbacks just broke it was dak’s first game back in the year. Oh the way he throws that ballit’s so accurate. It’s a super bowl every weekthat’s right
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Is going to want to pick his ownhe can’t do it next year because he’s only got the Lord Huron not dead yet shirt second round. Lawrencei mean trevor. I swear to god that’s the crazy partbut y’all let’s get into this man yo cheese versus cleveland browns.
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