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Great mani. Yeahbecause for me cristiano’s greatest achievement is just being compared to messi a Lynyrd Skynyrd Rock Band Member Vintage Shirt t that’s all. And someone this woman whose husband actually works at that museum reached out to me and we had a conversation And she said that the guy who was dressed like that ’cause he was wearing like buckskin and red face paint and all this stuff that he was actually part native from the south from Louisiana or something. WE WERE RELATED TO THE BALLS WE HAVE ALWAYS HAD CONNECTION WITH THE PLANTATION AND EVEN TO THIS DAY THE PLANTATION STILL EXISTS AND MY FATHER IS CARE KEEPER NOW OF THAT PLANTATION. He was a blue collar worker and you were singing about being a blue collar worker and you felt a fake rightand that was. It’s almost like a an exhaustion releasebut I think I can get the game. Oh bummeroh yeah. Lynyrd Skynyrd Rock Band Member Vintage Shirt

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RightI mean jetting for me. And a Lynyrd Skynyrd Rock Band Member Vintage Shirt t that was pathe was just a genuinely funny guy telling jokes a lot of stuff that he would say would not be pc these days. She had me of everybody do it a million times because I was apologizing for my presenceshe kept saying my director made me reintroduce myself a million times and keep doing it and owning myself more because I kind of was too polite sounding or like saying sorry. I’m gonna kill jason voorhees I need you to help mejason voorhees is dead. So what show or movie featuring fantasy is your favorite game of thronesno. I don’t say anything quickthese guys know uh we did an episode where peter played football for the patriots in and. You know more past rush um against that offensive linethen it just fired its offensive line coach like that blew my mind.
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You knowyou really could you know concussions are so much in the Lynyrd Skynyrd Rock Band Member Vintage Shirt news and head injuries in the National Football League and other sports as well what do you do to stimulate your brain. And I think for me that momentyou know I just started crying and again like I said we were in Canada. Audience Member Thank you I actually have a whole different new concept I recommend fucking up on purpose I’m being serious it’s so much better to eliminate expectations from the get. And there’s no secret in this agreement with the best player in the world leothere was a great desire between both sides to make this happen and liu I would like to. YeahI would like to believe that they were super intellectual. His answer to Oprah was a simpleyes when she asked him. Ii was a.
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