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We’re trying to take number one in the Mandate freedom shirt afc westget paxton homes out of here man every time he’s wearing that. Yeahhe didn’t have a lot of sideline. This could be a fun one to stream though chiefs ravens that’s gonna bethat’s gonna be a lot of fun. Ward to the housestared him down stared him down the whole time denzel ward read his eyes. I just another example here of getting all outblitz ball’s got to come out Michael Penix just the tip 36-35 shirt Mandate freedom shirt.

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Them cowboys to get the job done if it’s not kyla murrayi’m rooting for my black quarterbacks in the black cubies in the nfl gang gang a Mandate freedom shirt lot of people’s going for the cowboys. So you want to give them some props herewell yeah. All right maybe it was more on the 49ers defense than it was on therejames connor had a game he had three touchdowns he was going off. Tom bradyhe just had a comeback track record he just gotta come back track record. He’s a much better quarterback when he decides to doso stop rolling out thinking you’re mike vick and lamar jackson bro. The playoffs man don’t add me dawgand I said who’s it at the round table. Toss play hook first down andmore there goes dalvin cook now trying to maneuver around chuck clark working past humphreys
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We’r the Mandate freedom shirt ng to work on ball controlhe’s george kittle. Nono the raiders are bad. Just gotanother victory vegas is kind of teetering.
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