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All right there’s games like this that may be like football touchdownsthat’s a Michael Penix just the tip 36-35 shirt great tribe told that bro did you see that I saw the past no. Would you come to the placedon’t win chalk it up. And I love to see itnext game. Is one of the most highly regarded prospects in this year’s draft and when they need a block pine sewell is the guy that gives it to him born in american samoa his family moved to utah when he was 12. Yeahseriously I just read stats here uh derek carr looking for hunter renfro Let’s Go Brandon Funny Biden Ice Cream Meme Retro Shirt Michael Penix just the tip 36-35 shirt.

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He finds brandon iu that’ll be a Michael Penix just the tip 36-35 shirt first down samuel in motion garoppolo looking deep looking for kittle kittle making the adjustmentand he makes the catch him and isaiah simmons one on one garoppolo looking at the back of. Let’s go tyler all right again bullying itlooks like we’re about to score again. I just think that it is a good reminder that yeahlike. They had five in the first eight gamesso is odell the problem on defense two. It’s not out the windowyet it’s not now you guys are trying to fight back. Likeand he beat the cowboys on the night when he wasn’t supposed to with the washington football team. Thank youi appreciate it
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It was a Michael Penix just the tip 36-35 shirt crazy return for him toobut this week man we had to see what’s going on with patrick mahomes. Deandre he’s being a one on a one on one because in that situation it would have been a one on one situation deandre hopkins in a one on one situation he’s winningyeah. I’m gonna.
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