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And we won the Naughty nice Hot Shirt fourth quarter today you know last week against new englandwe didn’t win the fourth quarter. It’s a touchdown for baltimoreget him in that passing rhythm early in their first opportunity with the football. He couldn’t walk off the field and he came back and put up for something but bro the cleveland browns when have you ever seen them when have you ever seen them play that gun in your lifethey’ve been playing good bro. First let’s get it going with a littleyeah matthew stafford issues at the end of the first half the whirling dervish that gets picked up then. It’s yo hold up for instance for instancenew england patriots uh atlanta falcons the game that the atlanta that patriots came back and went into superbowl they tried three times in a row to force it to julio I that snapped it Chevy Chase it’s beginning to look a lot like fuck you shirt Naughty nice Hot Shirt.

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Just catch the Naughty nice Hot Shirt ball boomshout out to the rams bro shout out to the god. Some of y’all saying that it didn’t count uh the first one because it’s a receiver slip so respectfully only through one pit um the receiver brown dude has six catches for 113i want to say something what the happened whoa. You have defense played an incredible game to keep you guys in it when they were when you guys were down what can you say about that dhow many were played outstanding. It’s really goodjim. Territory herbert hooks a pass a strong throw and a catch made by guyton nelson trying to take the ball away chargers at 369 yards of offense last week and then lost to new england andthis time he hits allen for a first down jonathan gannon calling the plays defensively in his first year close friends with brandon staley the head coach of the chargers on time keenan allen trying to be an extra blocker and a personal escort he faced a lot of cover two last week against. And you can see it on the fieldhe’s the head coach along with with the defensive coordinator. With their first of two they decided to go with the receiver out of minnesotaand I know
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But it’s anthony baru goes bar hopping goes up and gets it and picks it off such a Naughty nice Hot Shirt smooth moveso the vikings just need a field goal next four wins at this point but the vikings just didn’t get anything going. You shout out to that man tom brady600 titties man to go to the all goats man we can’t leave without saying that man. Throws the touch pass forthe touchdown stephen anderson chargers strike first those are the types of plays i’d like to see run.
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