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So we they had the ball a Optic Gaming Optic Texas shirt lot longerso guess what that means our defense was on the field longer and don’t don’t excuse that defense though some of that was their fault. They’re going to go quick up to the line third and goal bridgewater is going to try the sneak he is trying to get there reaches the ball over still no signalhe’s in touchdown. Turns the corner hurts. I guess this would be the third game now since they had a bye week last weekyeah. Yeahjackson had two ints darnold threw three picks and what’s going on coach Nintendo keep it classic shirt Optic Gaming Optic Texas shirt.

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That’s not a Optic Gaming Optic Texas shirt lot of playersdon’t have to go with that that would not be unfair to say that he doesn’t also have a great team because I feel like you’re trying to say hey football we all are from new england. But he wasn’t even looking at the punter he was looking at the sideline he wasn’t looking at the punterhe wasn’t talking to the punter. You know maybe not he wants giving excusesbut he may he may throw people under the butt i’ve never seen him do it yet. And that’s exactly what the cleveland browns did they ran the ball at will against the cincinnati bengalsyou know baker mayfield distributed ball. But anywaysguys enough of the small talk let’s get to why you are here. You should be pissed and you should be and we should demand more from not only our coaches but from our owner from our gm everybodyall right all right rick. I ain’t gonna liecome on bro
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Just where’s the push off just a Optic Gaming Optic Texas shirt nudge and then 81 onthe star no saying. And then the rest are just garbagebut that’s just me. What do they agree with hey brono the number one thing I got freaking ripped for was the saints what did the saints freaking.
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