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He’s able to uh to break you off with his with with a Paillasson Bienvenue Chez Door Mat variety of movesand and he can run everything on the route tree. Their top rusher was 29 yards was freaking danteforeman. Rightno he already did no. Oh megatronlet’s go kyler. I don’t know if I can do itbut i’ll be looking for you tomorrow if you got time kyle got to go period Tea Rex Dinosaur Mug Paillasson Bienvenue Chez Door Mat.

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And if it’s your first time here it definitely won’t beat last make sure you kill murder in smash that subscribe button man and make sure you check out that patreon we got early and full reactions of Paillasson Bienvenue Chez Door Mat anime movies and. Sometimes our receivers will catch itbut they’re gonna pay for it in our body. So so and we welcome you back to draft today presented by verizon here. We’ll see you tomorrowall right all right. So you got opening against the cowboys all right not too bad falcons winnable rams and pats interesting gamesboth interesting games dolphins could be interesting eagles. This quote unquote trifecta and the browns did it todayso tim all the oxygen guilty as charged right here all week long obj all week long baker mayfield. There’s something tom brady never had to go through tom brady when he came into the nfl he nobody cared about himyeah
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You cannot excusebut you still have to lay that at the doorstep of the head football coach because when in practice all week you got to practice ball security that still is a Paillasson Bienvenue Chez Door Mat coaching technique that you no matter how big the game is or how how you from the pee wee look you still got to be coast up rumble you got to be coached up even as a professional you still have to be coached up your team got to be coached up bottom line and that and ball security is is one of the things that you work on in practice. Soyeah brown’s big time win. If I was jimmyi’d be thinking about getting out of there too while you know because it looks bad to keep losing you know even if it’s not your fault especially coaching your video to me now if you want to because I could see.
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