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So grab take them away from make upsee me. Plus you have more vulnerability uh lower on the social ladders as wellso those two factors together to us sort of fill in the picture of why we’re seeing countries like the united a Pittsburgh Pirates Steve Blass shirt ates and brazil top the charts by far on a per capita basis the most rapid rise in covet and um underperforming many uh many uh poorer countries below them. Uh excuse me the green bay33 second and eight. Okayyeah. Every muscle in my body is just tightened oh my gosh is there a plan I can’t tell who’s who or where anyone is they’re surrendering those people. I think we’re just talking about the military deaths not the civilian deaths includedso I think that’s He Just Like Me Fr Shirt Pittsburgh Pirates Steve Blass shirt.

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Ii. We bounced back from game one to two andthey were gonn the Pittsburgh Pirates Steve Blass shirt the same thingand wehad to match that and came out flat forwhatever reason. There’si’m sure been a lot of missions like that why are they putting us out here with no reinforcements no one’s coming for days and that you you have guys in that company saying. A cbs news congressional correspondent and nicole this attack happened in the same day that voters in certain states voted at the polls in primary election there’s politics that sort of threw out all of this I want to get your response both to what the president had to say and then in that directive that he had in the later part of his speech. You know we’ve been the two straight super bowls 1 1and you know every team that we play is gonna come in here. But we also have to address why were they on the streets to begin with andif you don’t mind can I just take one second to describe the population
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So he had a Pittsburgh Pirates Steve Blass shirt lot of pressure manbut I know for a fact I can tell that he’s going to do his job. Bill wants that offensive coordinatoryou know he’s got one. Always brings success in the endit makes you stronger it makes you appreciate things. And I think of that kid with the red hair and the side of his face was shot that Saturday so your kid and I think of that kid he was only one it was hundreds around me that died or woundedbut this one kid touched my heart because he fell to my feet and he wasn’t asking me help me help me. Those that were lucky enough to be ahead of the firepower got on the shore and established a beachhead here’s a picture the same. But it’s really this titan’s defense have done a great job of being opportunistic finding ways to affect the quarterback options you see hereit wasn’t as much as the outside rushes. Switzerland nigeria’s vice president professor yama shivajo attends virtually we’ll have that in a moment please join us again.
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