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Yeahhe didn’t have a Raccoon balloon T-shirt lot of sideline. And I don’t even get it is the cowboys and broncosyeah. Yeahyou know what I mean. We’re gonna douh i’ll do the giants and bears. Oh it’s gettingscary Stitch Oogie Boogie Halloween shirt Raccoon balloon T-shirt.

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That’s the Raccoon balloon T-shirt packaging it’s moving like butteryeah. And then we’ll look at like the leaguewe’ll take a look at the best matchups from week to week. Here it is down the field to higginsoh he had it. Soyeah. If deandre if you if uh in the highlights towards the end you saw deandre happen he popped back likei think fourth third or fourth quarter I don’t know if he was in on that play doh. I think matt nagy and ryan pace did a great job finding and going up and getting their franchise quarterback well for mei’m gonna go with devonta smith. Right um yeah man don’t end up like me bro if you know your limit know your limitno you just have something playing after just playing after tom
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This Season will Presents Who Love: Raccoon balloon

This is this is brutalthis is i’m gonna go through like each game and kind of Raccoon balloon T-shirt give my thoughts. Yeahno. They pick up eight yardsand then they throw it on second.
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