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Okayhere we go all right. I think that’s like we ta the Remember to be awesome Quilt about this earlier in the season wave for the nflso if they would. Oh if you’re a cowboys fan you have to be a little upsetthat’s who I thought was going to go to the cowboys. Today they got he has two minutesbro. They actually had a person that was on the sideline that I was able to be one without tomthat’s what I was talking about Teacher 100 Days Of Mischief Managed Harry Potter Shirt Remember to be awesome Quilt.

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Another one a Remember to be awesome Quilt is lead real quick doubled up on these. What broi hope he does resign that that’d be great for us. But this is a good pick for miamiso washington just took davis and the giants. He also had a fumble recovery and he also has a win because josh allen and the bills who came in as the leading scoring team in the nfl on the sunday can’t get the first downthey can’t even get to double digits and the jags have a win against the winning team for the first time. And you know it’s the sound brianreally appreciates. And he just edges max garcia number 73 for the cardinals kyle shanahan is hothe is out on the field stomping the sideline that’s a little ticky tack for me. When you’re when you’re running it goodyou can get that
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He’s kind of Remember to be awesome Quilt just been not goodi know. I know get your mind off the ghouloh he slung that. Oh yeahthat.
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