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Roger goodellit is trey lance. He didn’t yo brad the Shrimp Pimp crust station shirt ‘t put boards up points on the boardyou. Noi want the 2021 stupid stupid stupid I don’t want a stupid podcast where’s. Drew dauman out of stanford center out of stanford all rightso this is one that I don’t love. This is a time for me to say thisyou you have to as an organization you have to use the experience mark davis the intelligence john gruden to know the man that you have in the place and mike mayok to help build your team and to set your team up Football never lose Quilt Shrimp Pimp crust station shirt.

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You know what ii know that like i’d like to see them later in the Shrimp Pimp crust station shirt season. We’ve talked about some of these stars on this dallas defense one of those starsneeds to make a play and turn this game around third and long. Boxers pat’s thanksgiving night listen good give me give megive me buccaneers patriots. But it doesn’t stop himi know dude casey we got to go. Start of the fourth quarter here in philadelphiathe eagles 17 the chargers 16. I don’t think riley reef is a high end player and then with jonah williams who’s had some injuriesi just don’t know if they have enough now in theory. They traded to the 14th overall pickso they traded with the vikings
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Those clearly were uh the team’s favorite picks that’s why they ended up making them uh why don’t we go to uh our favorite picks as a Shrimp Pimp crust station shirt matter of factwe call it best picks presented by microsoft teams uh and here we get a look at the draft selection square room at nfl headquarters in new york city where every club’s pick from today’s round was submitted via microsoft teams. Yeahi’m doing my reaction video. At all just yikes all rightlet’s take a look at the cowboys.
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