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Second and ten every play has been a Steve Kornacki tracking Kornacki shirt run alex collins so far set up forthe play action geno takes a shot down the sideline dk metcalf. Nice thereyou go. Yeahhe’s had like the weirdest career in my opinion like he just sat behind brady. It looks like we’re about to flylet’s go. He’s not getting that broso he still got most of it for what it’s like The Rocky Horror Picture Show It’s not easy having a good time even smiling makes my face ache shirt Steve Kornacki tracking Kornacki shirt.

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Breaks free touchdown chargers parham makes it happen on the Steve Kornacki tracking Kornacki shirt juke move against slay. It seemed like he didn’t want to make no adjustments or anything like thati’m saying put trey lance in. There is a dark cloud over santa claraoh it’s raining hard too a lot of man. You got bruce vs wildflowerthursday night football there. Like we need that because top level the biggest player is boringbro. Second down and 12 to the update johnson try to get him in some space our total replay you need work on your abc’s. The giant should have won more gamesi know that like it’s the giant’s fault
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A big play down field against darius slay ecuador remains on the sideline for los angeles roundtreeis in there on a Steve Kornacki tracking Kornacki shirt third and a one quick snap throw pervert to parham. This is all kyle saying that’s all I got to say about this if everybody blaming who this know kyle’s the head coach knows the defensive plays you knowthe offensive plays this is on kyle detroit versus every potty. How they create better length for themselves with their physical attributes and again uh denver gave us another dollop of drama justin fieldswas there uh thought about maybe the quarterback being selected and said vic fangio just making a really good defense even better with the selection of certain ii when we return we uh and that was by the way.
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