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Where’scarolina rumble. Then you got t the Stones Philadelphia Eagles shirt raidersthen you got the packers steelers and bengals. Yeah matthew stafford issues at the end of the first half the whirling dervish that gets picked off thenjeff swain scores and this is all in a 26 second time span kevin byer the pick six and the tennessee titans whose defense. Just it’s luck sometimes too manoh you need to have a lucky season as well as a good season. That’s crazyoh now they got to give him the ball back though Superman logo Oakland Raiders and San Francisco 49ers shirt Stones Philadelphia Eagles shirt.

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Has a Stones Philadelphia Eagles shirt way to go and gets there what a play by tim patrick who’s been a beast this afternoon at a first down for denver and patrick guy that has quite the journey to get here cut from baltimore cut from san francisco having a big game today they get it out to judy in the flatthere’s no one there judy first down and more inside the 20. Who’s that chris godwin not a bi’m gon. But if I had to go and say like games that could go either way uh damn there’s like eight games. Up with a block at the right tackle to the near side picked up he is gone kiss mckinney goodbye pick six for the giants the question was is brian edwards going to be more involvedis zay jones going to be more involved and right now with waller coming back off of injury. He’s on a freaking super teamso you think patrick owens got it from the ground up. Um so but as bad as it was it still just comes down to me to to to you know throwing the ball up in the airand we just can’t you know just we can’t be that team we never wanted to be that team. You know we stayed down everyone was in with each other you knowand everybody just stepped up to the plate when it went into overtime what was the thought on the sideline about how you would win this game
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Okaythat’s fair. Not the Stones Philadelphia Eagles shirt long ago you played itit’s. Two feet all good and the kick tucks in therethen underneath.
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