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Winnable vikings dolphins bears all right brown oh brown steelers brownsokay then the packers that’s a TCU Horned Frogs Nike Baseball logo shirt rough four game stretch that’s a rough four game stretch. He is tackled by merrickit’s booker right through the middle into the secondary and he has the first down brought down by merrick a burst of 15 yards sucking down in five fake down depending sideline it’s caught for a touchdown grabbed by evan ingram the tight end for a second consecutive game. So he does have some talent from upsidebut i’m with bucky Stephen Curry Golden State Warriors Painting Art shirt TCU Horned Frogs Nike Baseball logo shirt.

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Ng 49er uh niners at home like oprah giving out prizes you get a TCU Horned Frogs Nike Baseball logo shirt winyou. Shut up he kind of caught a little bitbut it was uh such a fluke all right. And we’re legit like four months awaybut that’s gonna get me through the rest of this year
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Well that’s what i’m saying it the TCU Horned Frogs Nike Baseball logo shirt keone week it’s one. They’re repeating they went to the players and they lost regardless and who they lose to the chiefs and then who they lose to right now so at the end of the day when I see the browns versus the chief it’s just predictableit’s just predictable even if they’re down. And we bareand we almost gave that up against each other in the fourth quarter close.
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