Beto for Senate Texas Beto shirt

Beto for Senate Texas Beto shirt

This is probably foolish but I have the opportunity here and I’m gonna give it just a Beto for Senate Texas Beto shirt little bit of a shot over the years I have very rarely made personal appeals to elected officials on the belief that it would be unsuccessful would’t work its probably still the case however if I had a chance to talk to Lisa Murkowski and Susan collins I would like to say just one thing primarily to them I just saw a little news report that they’re both wavering. Caller I have been watching the hearings I watched them all day yesterday and as a rape survivor I just want to tell you-you don’t forget one minute of the whole thing you remember the color of the walls you remember how you got home you remember the face you remember the music that was playing you remember the layout of the house you don’t forget it particularly as she said she had PTSD I ‘ve been diagnosed with PTSD you relive that every single day you never forget it so I don’t believe one word of this woman and I feel sorry that I have to say that because women should be believed but this is so blatantly political and partisan I can’t stand it anymore that’s my comment. Groups of people end up being pitted against one way or another precisely because of all this and that’s why there isn’t any common ground that’s why there is no more crossing the aisle and cooperating and understanding and so forth because the people on the left have no interest in cooperation or getting along they want blood they want vengeance they want punishment for whoever it is that did whatever happened to them

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The Republicans have correctly identified and called all of these Democrats out on it they know they ‘re not gonna get an FBI investigation in fact if Kavanaugh had said okay fine let’s get the FBI in here they would have been caught short they don’t expect this its a Beto for Senate Texas Beto shirt pipe dream they know they ‘ve had the chance to do this and get it they didn’t believe this woman when they got the letter. Currently brian Fallon is the executive director of something called we demand justice it is a front group for another liberal big money group called the democracy alliance he tweeted if senate GOP ignores dr blasey ford and tries to muscle an attempted rapist onto the supreme court 1 they will pay dearly this november 2 senators up in 2020 collins Gardner et al will feel intense heat for next two years 3 Kavanaugh will not serve for life that is a veiled threat he didn’t’t add any clarification he will not serve for life. Trump is just wiping the floor with people at the un today he’s wiping the floor with the Iranians he’s wiping the floor with the little Trudeau guy up in Canada he’s wipin the floor with the macaroni guy in France he is letting it be known that the economic wave sweeping across the globe today starts in the united states is maintained in the united states and will continue to spread and grow from the united states

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Ve never heard of Beto for Senate Texas Beto shirt women complaining about something that they hold in their hand being too big but they’re doing it about this that’s my whole point that news is out there I ‘ve been holding that news anyway I’m just saying if all of this has you frustrated and bored and you want to bring something else up you can that’s what open line Friday is all about I don’t expect much of that but if you want to you can. The fact that Kavanaugh has been nominated to several courts and the woman never popped up once she pops up and supposedly doesn’t’t want to be known but is and doesn’t’t have seem to have a problem with it now she shows up at the last moment after it looks like the Democrats have failed in their quest to keep Kavanaugh off the court there’s no question the democrat party’s behind this that’s what they do this is why I think there’s going to be some kind of a backlash in november. Brian Fallon was a spokesman for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign her failed presidential campaign brian Fallon is an angry vindictive bitter and very sore loser he posted what many people say look like veiled threats to Kavanaugh last night he called Kavanaugh an attempted rapist and vowed that judge Kavanaugh if confirmed will not serve for life

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