Fight like a girl shirt

Fight Like A Girl Shirt

Now again not trying to sound cocky here but none of this is surprising to me nor is it surprising when I learn it of twitter I don’t need to learn it of Twitter or of Google or of Microsoft like you don’t need to be shocked when you find out Hollywood’s a Fight like a girl shirt bunch of leftists and what strikes me and again not trying to sound uppity here I’m really shocked at all of the people on our side of the aisle particularly in conservative media who are shocked by this. Depending on your moral code but the creativity the content has never been better there is more television today good tv more options remember when we were growing up there were three networks and that was it I don’t mean to be harping on that. The united states government’s collecting record tax revenue we ‘ve had Republicans running for office for years claiming to want to get control of spending that’s why the tea party came into existence in part in 2010 there’s not even any pretense now

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I tuned in to watch it just not during the anthem it was after the game had started in fact it was probably 45 minutes an hour after it and I just remembered oh my gosh there’s a Fight like a girl shirt Monday night game on. This is becoming common and its becoming widespread and all of this is coming from people who are genuinely unhinged and they re certainly not educated and they re not intelligent and what’s in the crosshairs with this is the first amendment these people on the left are making a beeline for freedom of speech and come one thing or another they re going to find a way to deny it to you and anybody that they can and they re not above using violence and threats to do so. I tell you one of the primary things motivating the new york times bob woodward all these people in the media is their almost incalculable frustration over being unable to alter public opinion on Donald Trump do not doubt me on this its something that everybody in the drive-by media individually is frustrated by and collectively

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This particular thread claims that the reason that Dianne Feinstein was reluctant to go public with Christine blase ford’s letter is that she received a Fight like a girl shirt similar letter from the woman about judge Gorsuch no idea whether this is fake news or true. Well on Wednesday Donald trump was complicit on Thursday in the same paper the Washington post beloved host has joined Donald trump in complicity for hurricane Florence we take you to last night Washington post website they posted a video op-ed by a meteorologist named Eric Holthaus about hurricane Florence and the politics of climate change. Senator Hirono but really guess who’s perpetuating all of these kinds of actions its the men in this country and I just want to say to the men of this country just shut up and step up do the right thing for a change

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