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James o Keefe at project veritas is continuing to really do important work exposing the I came to get my balls wet shirt deep state, in this case, exposing liberalism and liberals where they are hiding and getting them to admit their activism and corruption. Folks my brother is out with a new book and you know he’s got a pattern here its another Christian themed book its called jesus is risen paul and the early church my brother recognizes that the bible is an intimidating thing for people who have not read it. I think people like Kamala harris and cory booker might actually think it would benefit them to be tied to these people that’s who the Democrats are portraying or who the Democrats are performing for that’s another thing for people to learn here look I’m like you and I saw pictures of Kavanaugh’s parents shielding their eyes they were just flat out embarrassed this is one of the greatest honors that can happen to an american family to have a son or daughter nominated to be one of the nine justices on the united states supreme court

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Senator Hirono but really guess who’s perpetuating all of these kinds of actions its the men in this country and I just want to say to the men of this country just shut up and step up do the right thing for an I came to get my balls wet shirt change. Cnn was implying that all of this niceness and politeness to the accuser could go out the window tonight when Trump goes off script and he could once again start insulting everybody left and right so well just have to keep a sharp eye on it wolf you know the president gets in these rallies with his supporters and they egg him on and he loves it and he likes saying things that get them all worked up I was laughing myself silly I just broad smile on my face watching this. The united states government’s collecting record tax revenue we ‘ve had republicans running for office for years claiming to want to get control of spending that’s why the tea party came into existence in part in 2010 there’s not even any pretense now

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Folks I wish I had confident comforting predictions about the I came to get my balls wet shirt media what I know is that no matter how bad it gets for them no matter how much audience they lose no matter how much money their parent companies lose they’re not gonna change the last thing they ‘re gonna do. Its so good that Obama and the democrats are running around trying to claim credit for it now which is laughable there honestly is no way these economic numbers could be reached this kind of economic activity could not happen under Obama administration policies they just could’t Obama would have left the tax rates where they were if not increased them Hillary Clinton would have done the same. It is obvious to me but I guess not a whole lot of people can say it but this is a setup its a thorough entire setup its gotta be a setup and the Senate ought to deal with it as though its a setup if she doesn’t’t show up then go ahead with the vote and now the accuser is saying she can’t show up she wont show up until the FBI investigates ladies and gentlemen the whole business of the FBI investigating something that’s 36 years old is dubious at best

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