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Official Notorious Rbg Ruth Bader Ginsburg Shirt

It s simply about one word folks it s about delay delay and delay and with each new revelation the Official Notorious RBG Ruth Bader Ginsburg Shirt need to continue to delay it s secondarily about kavanaugh interruption yeah oh they re still targeting kavanaugh for total nuclear destruction that s part and parcel of this too the way it works is very simple. The republicans have correctly identified and called all of these democrats out on it they know they re not gonna get an fbi investigation in fact if kavanaugh had said okay fine let s get the fbi in here they would have been caught short they don t expect this it s a pipe dream they know they ve had the chance to do this and get it they didn t believe this woman when they got the letter. Brian fallon is the executive director of something called we demand justice it is a front group for another liberal big money group called the democracy alliance he tweeted if senate gop ignores dr blasey ford and tries to muscle an attempted rapist onto the supreme court 1 they will pay dearly this november 2 senators up in 2020 collins gardner et al will feel intense heat for next two years 3 kavanaugh will not serve for life that is a veiled threat he didn t add any clarification he will not serve for life what s a reasonable person s initial reaction to that

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The specific translation for falsus in uno falsus in omnibus means somebody who w a Official Notorious RBG Ruth Bader Ginsburg Shirt d lie about his military service will lie about anything that s how we seek to define it here. The republican party is trending up trump is trending up consumer confidence is at a record high the real life events in america do not indicate a massive vote for democrats in november life on the ground as people live it republican party favorability sky high during all of this trump s approval numbers jumping up during all of this don t buy this blue wave business. These people don t even know what equal time and fairness doctrines are equal time is still out there when it comes to politics and campaigns and so forth it s not been lifted so it just magically happened that I m on every radio station from new york to santa barbara

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Cory booker is campaigning for the Official Notorious RBG Ruth Bader Ginsburg Shirt democrat nomination in 2020 and kamala harris pulled the same stunt earlier she left she left much sooner than booker booker hung around to say something and then he walked out kamala harris walked out within 10 minutes of the proceedings beginning. It s an odd speech pattern for an accomplished woman I m not denying that it could be legit but it s a speech pattern that garners sympathy you can t say that out loud like I just did but I m known for saying things you can t say and again it s the up speak or the up talker there s a pattern there are patterns of speech and they have been clinically analyzed and categorized and named and she comes off as an up talker ends sentences with an upward inflection which is how young girls young teenage girls come off. I want to share just a few more observations with you and then we get to your phones because they re in a lunch break right now and they ll come back eh probably in 20 minutes or so and resume the media I have done a quick survey during the break here at the top of the hour on the media I don t care where you go you go to fox you go to cnn you go anywhere they think that the republicans are blowing it

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