Official NSP Ninja Sex Party Shirt

Official NSP Ninja Sex Party Shirt

Brett kavanaugh can deny all this with far more certitude than she can assert it you know not knowing where or when supposedly makes it tough for kavanaugh to deny it because how do you say you were never at a Official NSP Ninja Sex Party Shirt place that she isn t even able to name you watch you watch if this were me under all these allegations I d be livid at this I d be livid that anybody believed it given this many holes and given this lack of corroboration this lack of evidence. Groups of people end up being pitted against one way or another precisely because of all this and that s why there isn t any common ground that s why there is no more crossing the aisle and cooperating and understanding and so forth because the people on the left have no interest in cooperation or getting along they want blood they want vengeance they want punishment for whoever it is that did whatever happened to them. So I got an email rush you sound so confident about all this in terms of the way you describe the left and what they re gonna do and what they re thinking you can t be that confident nobody is yes I can folks look I really don t like talking about me and I really don t like inserting myself into situations like this where I have nothing to do with it but experience guided by intelligence this has happened to me and not just one time

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I ve never heard of Official NSP Ninja Sex Party Shirt women complaining about something that they hold in their hand being too big but they re doing it about this that s my whole point that news is out there I ve been holding that news anyway I m just saying if all of this has you frustrated and bored and you want to bring something else up you can that s what open line friday is all about I don t expect much of that but if you want to you can. I went to duke for college uf for med school of all my degrees I have learned the most about life from your program dr alex florida. President trump is doing a bang up job on the recovery from hurricane florence in north carolina I mean to tell you he s there right now he had an all points meeting today with local and state officials about the plan going forward to facilitate all of the combined efforts of state local and federal to bring this part of the country back

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It s just the american people watching this on tv who think that the prosecutor is scoring a Official NSP Ninja Sex Party Shirt lot of points because the prosecutor is catching dr ford in a lot of inconsistencies is exposing a lot of inconsistencies and a lot of what might be lies that dr ford is making her memory explicitly clear on a few things and on other things not at all that is an inconsistency she does appear to remember what she wants to remember pretty well but it is random for example she doesn t know who paid for her polygraph. Richard blumenthal senator from connecticut lied for years about serving in vietnam not just serving in vietnam serving with great valor he lied for years thinking it would help his resume and that it would counter some of the beliefs that people have about left wingers being pansies and this kind of thing so he routinely lies and the press doesn t challenge him on it because they don t want to challenge him on it because they don t want to believe that he might be lying about it. So the drive bys wanted to talk to trump about kavanaugh and he decided to go there and he just eviscerated richard blumenthal and cory booker and dianne feinstein and basically told the media that as far as he s concerned they are the democrat party too

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