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I will eventually get to see her. Next tour, get on the presale list! It wasn’t difficult, and I got to take my time browsing tickets and got 2 for a reasonable price. Her page announced it hella times, you guys should have done it! Now you’re complaining As usual, scalpers have purchased a great Verify Low Death Shirt of your tickets to the Atlanta shows and i absolutely refuse to pay what they want for resale tickets. INSANE.

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Verify Low Death Hoodie
Verify Low Death Sweater
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Verify Low Death Shirt, V-Neck, Tank-Top, Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Really a shame because your true fans are getting screwed. Hope there is a dvd Had great tickets to the last two times you toured and had deaths in the family both times and couldn’t go and had to sell tickets, at cost. Tried to get good Verify Low Death Shirt this time at a decent price not possible. All being resold at outrageous prices for poor seats.

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  Ladies Vneck
Verify Low Death Ladies Tee
  Ladies Tee

Really heartbroken!!! I really think the ticket prices for concerts these days are so over the top, I really don’t understand how people can afford to go. I have not been to a concert for many years, just can’t afford it. Why does everything have to be done on the internet. Not everyone is tech savvy. Including me! A certain abound of Verify Low Death Shirt should be allocated for sale by phone.

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